What is JeannieFit :

JeannieFit is a fitness education company that uses the “Focus Point Method” created by Jeannie to facilitate learning the techniques of core training, result based fitness programs and hip hop fitness.

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Our Programs and virtual classroom:
JeannieFit offers two programs and one virtual classroom. jF hip hop U to maintain your  health and Kick My Abs to inspire pivotal changes in your health as well as a virtual classroom called myhiphopfit.com to learn how to at your own pace!!!!

The Experience:
You may experience jF online through the myhiphopfit.com virtual classroom or LIVE workshops and trainings!

  1. As a fitness enthusiast and participant who wants to study this specialty area of dance fitness.
  2. As an instructor or fitness enthusiast wanting to change lives through hip hop fitness!

Our Mission:
JeannieFit is dedicated to helping as many people as possible become healthier through movement and core based training using the “Focus Point Method” to increasing health and vitality for life; all the while educating them so, they may share the benefits of our awesome programs with others!!!

jF LIVE Annual DVD taping Party  and the Focus Point Method !!!

JeannieFit demonstrates the Focus Point Method on T.V. Networks! 

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